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24-Hour Emergency Repair

Disaster can strike at any time. If ignored, even little problems can lead to big, expensive messes. Because we understand the immediate nature of a crisis, we are on call for 24-hour emergency repair services. Our DEP certified team is ready to assist you when you need it most. From water and sewer mains, to underground systems and preventative water mitigation, there is no problem too large or small. Serving Mid-Coast Maine and the surrounding areas, we stand on guard to assist you with the speed and skill necessary to keep your site running safely and smoothly.

24-Hour Emergency Repair of burst water main


A crisis can happen without warning. Water main disconnections, leaking water, breaking pipes – one thing leads to another and suddenly, you’ve got a mess on your hands. As such, we know that emergency repairs cannot wait. Whatever your problem, large or small, we are always on call for 24-hour emergency repair services. Our skilled technicians will assess the situation and conduct repairs accordingly. With expert help always on call, you won’t have to sink or swim.

24-Hour Emergency Repair of underground pipes


Appearances can be deceiving. Although everything seems fine on the surface, a potential catastrophe may lurk underneath. The domino effect of malfunctions, electrical disconnections, and broken lines, if ignored, can possibly collapse entire systems. To prevent a costly and serious crisis, we provide 24-hour underground service emergency repair to assist you in any way we can. Our dedicated team digs deep to diagnose the problem, and skillfully conducts repairs to keep your systems operating smoothly in no time.

24-Hour Emergency Repair for water mitigation in flooded laundry room

Water Mitigation

Few disasters are as costly and hazardous as water damage. Not only can structures and precious belongings be ruined beyond repair, but after effects such as mold can wreak havoc on your health. To stop these problems before they start, it is important to realize that water in the basement is preventable.

In cases where prevention wasn’t enough, we can provide help 24/7! Utilizing strategies such as drain installation to reduce flooding, we help remove the pooling water from around your property and reduce flooding into your building, keeping you nice and dry.

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