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Snow Removal, Plowing, & Sanding

When the weather outside is frightful, we are here to dig you out of the storm!

Our seasonal snow removal, plowing, & sanding services clear the way for you to safely withstand Maine’s most icy elements. With multiple options and flexibility, choose a contract plan that’s right for you. Prepare for the winter with a proactive strategy that gets you unburied and open for business faster than you can say, “Let it snow.”

Serving the following areas in Maine: Bath, West Bath, Brunswick, Topsham, Woolwich, Harpswell, and Phippsburg.

Snow Removal


The advantage of city life is having endless goods and services at your disposal. However, of all the commodities just outside your front door, one precious element always seems in short supply – space. In order to run an effective business, you need adequate parking for customers and employees. Moreover, that space needs to be safe and clear. But when Maine’s winter weather unleashes its fury, your already limited area can become buried in a matter of hours. Clearing the snow is essential – but where do you put it?

Mid-Coast Excavation is in the business of moving mountains. Whether a record snowfall or a typical winter, our team is armed with advanced professional equipment to battle the elements. We not only plow your mountains – we haul them away so you can reclaim your vital space. Plus, there is no need to worry about calling in a storm. When you are prepared with the foresight of our contract service plans, we are already there to get you unburied and open for business once again.

We Service Commercial Properties:

• Banks
• Business/Office Parking Lots

snow plowing & SANDING

Residents of Maine know to prepare for any element the weather throws at them. As we greet each changing season, many of us love walking in a winter wonderland. Driving, however, is a different tune altogether. And when the snow doesn’t show signs of stopping, you need a clear path to weather the storm.

Our seasonal snow plowing & sanding plans help you prepare for the elements so you aren’t left buried in a drift. Laying the groundwork for an effective course of action, we send out our plow contracts in early October/November — well before the snowflakes start flying. Then, if you want the benefits of joining our plow route, we will personally assess your site location to give you the most accurate estimate possible.

Because we understand budgeting and differing service needs, we offer flexible options such as:

• Plow Only – Clear away snow while saving you the cost of materials.

• Plow & Sand – Full-service clearing & preventative treatment so that your traffic areas stay as safe and clear as possible.

• Specialty Contracts – A flexible option that can change with the weather. Leave it to the experts to decide if the conditions warrant sanding in addition to plowing, or vice versa.

Our plans are straightforward and designed with your needs in mind. Using the highest quality mixture of heavily salted sand, we plow every 2″ – 4″ of snow and charge per outing, according to your contract. However, because we know that inclement weather can strike at any time, we make great effort to help in an emergency, should the need arise.

We Service Commercial & Residential Properties:

• Banks
• Business/Office Parking Lots
• Private Driveways
• Private Roads

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