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Construction Expansion
of Tontine Mall –
Brunswick, Maine

We love transformations. Whether starting a build from scratch or completing a major overhaul, our team is equipped to dig deep for the necessary steps of change. When developers of the Tontine Mall, a local hotspot in Brunswick, Maine, called on us to help with their construction expansion project, we were thrilled to break ground to expand a popular gathering place that could grow with the entire community.

Construction Expansion – Growth and Change For Community Betterment.

People are the life of the community. As a community becomes more attractive, it welcomes newcomers and grows in numbers. Along with this growth comes many changes. Sometimes, structures that are local fixtures can become tired — they just need a little facelift in order to keep up with the times. Other times, a building needs a major transformation in order to cultivate a blossoming population. 

Since 1922, the Tontine Mall has been a local hotspot in Brunswick, Maine. Featuring attractions like artisan restaurants, shopping, and even a cinema, the mall has served its community for over a century. However, as the city has grown, the mall’s developers desired to better accommodate its increasing population. Clearly, in order to remain an attractive and relevant center for the people, it was time to update and expand. We were honored to be the team trusted to help breathe new life into this local landmark.

Considering the fact this was a major overhaul, it was incredibly important to make sure the preliminary steps were done right. Bringing in the heavy-duty equipment for the job, we set the stage where transformation could take place. With the plan to not only add more commercial tenants, but also include 16 market-rate apartments, we cleared the way for this growth to occur. Moreover, since two more floors were to be added to the original structure, we prepped the site for the addition of an elevator shaft. 

From digging and foundation work, to pouring concrete and curbs, we ensured the expansion had a solid start. As a result, the Tontine Mall continues to serve the community both economically and socially. Most importantly, it is a beautiful center in which the entire city takes pride as it welcomes all who visit. 

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