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Residential Site Development –
Peaks Island, Maine

No man is an island. And building a house on one takes team effort. Our residential site development project for this oceanfront home on Peaks Island, Maine, required precise planning and unusual schedule accommodation. With Mother Nature as lead foreman, we literally sailed with the tide to get the job done. 

Our Expert Residential Site Development Team Won't Miss the Boat!

Unlike hitting the road to traditional sites, our team on Peaks Island sailed the high seas! With the hired help of a large commercial barge, we hauled our equipment across the rolling ocean waters to the island destination. And considering the fact this home was a prefabricated modular design, we not only hauled our equipment – we brought the house along with us!

As with any residential site development process, planning is essential and timing is everything — especially for jobs like this when the destination does not have easy access to supplies. Not only did we have to pre-plan our supply load for each day’s work on the island, but we also managed critical details such as timing departures with the ferry schedule.

In spite of these obstacles, preparation is practically second nature to our experienced team. Therefore, when Mother Nature presents challenges – or oceans – between us and our goal, we are not only on the ball…but we are on the boat! And when unexpected situations do arise, we have the expertise to roll with it. For instance, when it became clear that extra supplies were necessary during a work day, we easily adapted to the occasion by assigning our large dump truck the task of running out for another load. It met the boat according to schedule and retrieved the needed materials. Meanwhile, the rest of our team remained on site to continue the job. 

It goes without saying that our preparedness, together with flexibility, makes us an efficient team. From the moment we break ground, to the final touches of the lawn installation, our residential site development team is dedicated to giving our clients the home of their dreams.

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