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Subdivision Development – 
Cumberland, Maine

We love big challenges. And with over 40 years in the construction industry, we continue to seek out new ways to grow. This subdivision development in Cumberland, Maine, was our biggest job yet! As with any project, large or small, we tackled each step with precision and skill. As a result, a large community of people now have a beautiful place to call home.

Subdivision Development – Building A Community From The Ground Up

From the moment we break ground to the finishing touches of lawn installation, our subdivision development team carries out each step with skill. For this large Cumberland location, we wasted no time in getting right to work. With the developer having the necessary paperwork and permits solidly in place, we then prepared to clear the way for laying the groundwork.

As with most construction projects, the first essential step after clearing is installing the culverts for the roads. It goes without saying that the engineer’s plans must be followed with the utmost precision. Although water is essential to a property, it can be extremely damaging to the entire site if it is not properly managed. Therefore, we took great care to execute the design for optimum drainage and controlled water flow.

In addition to the essential steps of the construction process, we understand that a neighborhood must be both practical and attractive. Because of that, we take great care to clear only what’s necessary. As shown in the Cumberland project below, we removed trees, ground stumps, and mulched debris. All this while still maintaining the site’s natural appeal. Moreover, our heavy-duty machinery made the entire process safe, efficient, and even fun! As we love to say, we grew up playing in the dirt…and we still do!

Just as we do for all our projects, we see each step through to completion. This Cumberland subdivision job shows our extensive services and willingness to take on a big challenge while remaining mindful of the little details.

From clearing and groundwork, to paving and lawn installation, we proudly build the place that a community can call home.

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