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Subdivision Development –
Topsham, Maine
(Mallet Woods)

Developing land is more than just bulldozing and building. The knowledge of a thoughtful and experienced team is required to make best use of the entire site. When well-trained minds come with the hands and feet of hard work, incredible transformations occur. For this Mallet Woods job in Topsham, Maine, our team utilized the site’s natural resources to build a subdivision development that truly came from the land itself.

Our Subdivision Development Turns Rock To Gold.

In order for real transformation to take place, some measures of demolition must occur. However, the construction process is not simply leveling the territory and hauling in supplies. For this Mallet Wood subdivision, we uncovered a wealth of building materials straight from the land itself!

To start with, the first step of any subdivision build is usually clearing the way for the main road. In this case, as we blasted a ledge to level the path, we discovered an abundance of rock. To anyone else, this might seem like an obstacle. But to our experienced team – we knew we struck gold! Always equipped for unexpected surprises, we were able to fire up our heavy machinery to crush the rock and use it to build the road’s subbase. Moreover, we saved loads of time in not having to haul materials on or off site.

Without a doubt, we love when we can repurpose on-site materials to save our clients time and money.

Another essential step in the development process is laying the water and sewer mains. As mentioned above, this part also required a lot of blasting and ledge removal. Additionally, we laid the pipes to connect with the local town and installed storm drains. We had the equipment and crew to get the job done that the people in Mallet Woods now call home. 

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