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Residential Site Development –
Haskell Island, Maine

A strong building starts with a solid foundation. The same goes for a good plan. But some jobs really do require us to go with the flow. When the shifting tides of Mother Nature take precedence, we innovate to work together with her lead. For this residential site development project on Haskell Island, Maine, a boarding site that demanded punctuality threatened to run our team aground. Instead, timing in tune with nature’s rhythm was everything, and our team rose to the occasion — and the tide.

Our Residential Site Development Team Sails With The Tide!

As experts in construction, we pride ourselves in establishing solid foundations. Whether it be the very start of the planning process or pouring the actual concrete, we know that doing the job right in the beginning pays off in the end.

Similarly, this residential site development job on Haskell Island required precise planning. We not only hired a large commercial barge to haul our fleet of equipment, but we literally sailed with the tide to get the job done. 

Due to an ocean inlet shore as our boarding site, arrival and departures had to be specifically timed for high tide in order to not run aground. This required not only the foresight of making sure all equipment and supplies for a day’s work were loaded and ready to go, but also the punctuality of not missing the boat!

Our prepared crew navigated nature’s challenges and rose to the occasion. As shown below, we not only hauled our supplies, but we also transported the trucks doing the hauling.

Haskell Island hasn’t provided the only occasion for our trucks to ride the waves of Casco Bay, and it won’t be the last. Without a doubt, a strong commitment to hard work and innovation is what floats our boat!

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